Africa vs Virus Challenge 2020 ( USD 50K in prize).

72-hour Ideathon: Addressing the challenges presented by the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic to African societies,

Economies and individuals and prototyping tech and non-tech solutions.

Governments, civil society organizations, companies and citizens are all invited to submit challenges until Wednesday, April 15.

The Jobs for Youth in Africa Initiative of the African Development Bank is organizing the #AfricaVsVirus Challenge to create tech and non-tech solutions to some of the most pressing challenges posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

We are calling on socially committed citizens worldwide, problem solvers, creative minds, health experts, programmers, graphic and web designers to come together in a 72-hour collaborative digital process.

Following the #AfricaVsVirus Challenge, the best solutions will be selected and will be fully implemented with partners and donors in Africa and worldwide.

Requirements: AFDB Africa Virus Challenge

Global Citizens:

The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge is calling on socially committed citizens worldwide, problem solvers, creative minds, health experts, programmers, graphic and web designers to come together in this collaborative process.

Challenge owners:

The coronavirus is causing disruptions in almost every aspect of our every day lives.

Thus, challenges can come from a wide range of sectors: The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge is seeking specific problems, challenges and demands from organizations and individuals affected by the crisis.

These could come from hospital managers, social workers, restaurant owners, government agencies, etc.

We also look forward to receiving ideas on how to address specific challenges.

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Experts in certain areas are called to support teams with either content or technical expertise while developing solutions to the proposed challenges.

Mentors will guide teams, answering questions and providing ideas.


Experts in the areas covered by the Ideathon with extensive expertise leading teams and coordinating groups can take part in the Ideathon as Moderators.

Moderators will be responsible for keeping teams moving smoothly towards their goal.


Companies and organizations can either support the Ideathon through in-kind tech contributions to help develop ideas or to help facilitate the implementation of the Ideathon.

Ideathon Organizers:

The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge welcomes the support of those who want to contribute with the implementation of the Ideathon.

Experienced project managers, communication specialists, and tech-savvy minds are all invited to participate.

Why participate – AFDB Africa Virus Challenge?

The novel coronavirus outbreak has brought severe human suffering and major economic disruption around the world.

Within three months over 1,5 million people have been infected worldwide, with the virus currently affecting 198 countries and having taken the lives of over 90,000 people.

In an attempt to slow down infections, governments worldwide have imposed isolation and social distancing measures that make it impossible to continue with face-to-face collaborative processes.

#AfricaVsVirus is creating an online platform in order to promote the fast and innovative co-creation of solutions to help African countries address some of their most pressing issues.

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Thematic focus

The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge will be framed within the broad context of the African Development Bank’s fifth development priority for the continent: Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

The list below includes the 9 main themes we propose for the challenge, including subcategories to help spark your ideas!

Feel free to propose challenges and ideas beyond our suggestions.

How does the Challenge work – AFDB Africa Virus Challenge

The #AfricaVsVirus Challenge will take place from April 17-19, 2020 online.

Participants will have 72hs to collaborate in teams and build solutions to specific challenges.

We will start with a kick-off session on April 16 at 18:30 GMT+1 and end on April 19 at 18:30 GMT+1.

Join the challenge

April 9 – 16
Join the communication on Slack
April 9 – 15
Register your idea
April 16
April 17
The Ideathon Starts
April 19
The Ideathon Ends

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the AfDB Jobs for Youth in Africa Initiative’s #AfricaVsVirus Challenge 2020

Africa vs Virus Challenge 2020
Africa vs Virus Challenge 2020

Application Deadline: April 15th 2020

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