It’s not the news we were
Expecting in the right pro-
Portion, but it did happen;
And it’s now left to be seen
What happens to her after
The show.

Khafi had always been a
Happy child from day one,
And she kept on that same
Energy up to the final twenty
Seconds she had left in Big
Brother’s House.

But more could be said from
The build up leading to her
Eviction than the fact that
She was finally evicted.

There wasn’t much noise about
It as we all knew to some extent
That she would be leaving.

However, bearing in mind that
She polled the highest of votes
In last week’s eviction, some of
Us actually have some sort of

That maybe Seyi could be the
The one to be evicted – since
He couldn’t even poll a better
Result than Frodd in his last
Eviction battle.

And the fact that Tacha was in
The mix of things gave us a little
Fear that the friendship combo
Between Khafi and Tacha could
Kick either of Seyi or Mike out of
The competition.

Nonetheless, it happened: a cup
Of Khafi was evicted from the

But, she didn’t go down without
A fight.

Watch out for part two.

#PaGidiExpressions #BBNaija

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