All hail Seyi Awo!: First of his
Name; grandson to Obafemi
Awolowo, the great; survivor
Of four eviction battles; two
Times winner of veto power;
Record three times winner
Of the HoH Crown; the King
Of the puzzles, the tasks, and
The arena games; the TorTiv,
The therapist to Tacha in the
Secret room; and the Sugar
Daddy to the BBNaija house

It was supposed to be one of
The silliest moves ever made
By housemates in the history
Of the Big Brother Naija, and
The defunct Big Brother Africa.

In July, Seyi pulled a shocker
By declining to make use of
His veto power to save (him
Self) and replace (with another

That move cost him an initial
Punishment by Big brother, as
He was subsequently placed
On eviction, and then further
Banned from competing in
The arena games.

He was forgiven though, but
Was then sent to the Secret
Room (together with Tacha)
In a fake eviction game that
Cost him the rest of his initial
Moods in the series.

More than eight weeks after
That horrendous decision,
Seyi has now won the HoH
Challenge for a record third

And by so doing, he has joined
The now growing list of house
Mates to make it into the finals,
The ninety ninth day, of the Big
Brother Naija Pepper Dem series.

Just yesterday, Frodd won the
Ultimate Veto Power Game of
Chance; and as such, became
The first official housemate to
Make it into the Finals.

Mercy also earned herself a
Place in the Finals when she
Bought for herself a one week
Immunity from all forms of

And with Frodd having the
Ultimate Power to choose
The five housemates to be
Up for eviction, it is left to
Be seen what becomes the
Fate of Mike, Omashola, Ike,
Omashola, and others.

Trust me when I say the trio
Of Cindy, Elozonam, and Diane
Won’t make it into the Finals.

Well, hopefully.

In other news, following convo
Ensued between Cindy, Omashola,
And Seyi.

Omashola: “…after three months,
I will get married to whoever I am
Dating…no waiting for any three
To four years.

Cindy: I am available.

Omashola and Seyi: Common,
Put your hand down!

By the way, Seyi chose to
Be ALONE in his room.

#PaGidiExpressions #BBNaija

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