Tacha was still boiling.

You hit my eye right? Thank
God o, Biggie did see it o.
Cameras are every freaking
Where. Biggie sees and hears
Everything. So your strike awaits

Was it out of provocation? Was
Tacha already provoked when
She made all these utterances?

Because if there was ever anyone
To be scared at this point, it sure
Wasn’t looking like Tacha. And
She was ready to give the fight
To the very end.

Coz she still wasn’t done

E go there go dey drink. Small

Even my younger sister will
Not be as foolish as you are.

Dang!, that was it, and I sure
Wasn’t even going to take it
Again if she added any word
To that epic punch line.

First, she did it to Seyi. And
Now, poor Diane brought
Herself into the den to get
All of Tacha’s wrought.

At this point, it felt like
It was game over for me.

Thank God Biggie came
To Diane’s rescue.

He told housemates to
Gather at the lounge,
And reminded them of
The punishments he
Promised them when-
Ever they lose the red

This punishment may not
Be limited to strikes, as it
Could also lead to an early
Departure of some house

He allowed them to have
The box back, with the head
Of house going to pick it from
The arena after the door was

When he returned, he (Biggie)
Told them to use the night to
Ponder on how things went
So bad so quickly.

Then added “this conversation
Is not over. Goodnight”.

While we await Biggie’s
Punishment, let’s do some
Quick VAR…

Yeah, LOL! Got you right?

You’re welcome!


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