Khafi was now looking like
The miserable one: always
Complaining about Gedoni
Being distant and all.

In Diane’s words, which
Honestly had nothing to
Do with Khafi, Khafi had
Become dickmatized.

But there was just a little

Khafi wasn’t complaining
To Gedoni about Gedoni.
She was complaining to
Different groups of house

First, it was Jackye and Ike;
Later on, she sat with Cindy
And Enkay.

Then, Queen Mercy had to be
Giving her motherly advise at
Some point, until she later got
Admitted into the Lambo clan.

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Even Tacha and Esther had to
Sit hear down in a straight-
Talk counsel.

It was that serious.

And in a twinkle of an eye, a
Love story that even led to
Both love birds wearing aso
Ebi, started hitting the iceberg.

As Gedoni kept on drooling
Over his emotional desire to
Be with Venita, Khafi started
Saying “I love God. God is my
Guy. I know God got me.”

The going that was all smoochy
And sexy and moaning, with the
Swift reduction of condoms in
Biggie’s house began turning
Into a case of “he doesn’t talk
To me anymore.”

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Khafi ought to have either had
Sex with him for the purposes
Of having sex with him without
The emotional bonding that led
To her losing her sense of reason-

While Gedoni ought to have been
Truthful with Khafi that he wasn’t
Into her as much as she was making
It look like.

So right now, the Khadoni ship is
Hitting the rocks as much as it’s
Trying to keep itself on the water.

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Better said, water haf entered the
Engine, the caburator is beginning
To comot smoke, break haf refused
To catch, and the ship is sinking.


And just so you know, she’s already
In trouble back in London, as her
Firm didn’t know she was going to
Participate in a reality show.

And start having sex on national tv.

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