Diane wasn’t here to play with
Her sexual life and relationship
Stories either.

Infact, she once made a state-
Ment that had so much meaning:
“Don’t attach so much meaning
Or importance to sex, that you
Suddenly become dickmatized.”

Strong words from the Queen
Of the North.

Even if you didn’t want to under-
Stand what she meant, her bress
And lips 💋 were definitely going
To help you.

And though Sir Dee + Mike looked
Quiet from the beginning, their
Principled personality + free spirit
Respectively made them a male
Pepproni 🌶.

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Alongside Chief Daddy – Seyi A.

However in just thirty five days
Of the show, Biggie had already
Evicted eight housemates from
His house.

Leaving them to just fourteen
Housemates, with more than
Sixty days still to go.

And with Nelson + Frodd initially
Having day and night shift on
Esther, the narrative changed
When Nelson got evicted.

Same way things changed for
Diane when Tuoyo and, yes,
Nelson, got evicted.

But in a twist of events, the
Real pepper 🌶 began to
Heat up when Biggie began
Introducing one…two…three…
Four…five new housemates!

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Tacha that was bragging about
Being the only important person
In the show went into hiding
Almost immediately, with Biggie
Indirectly saying to her: “be my

Even Mercy that was forming
Twerk goddess and the lambo
Queen, was like “haaaa” when
She saw Enkay coming in.

Now, Frodd who was once the
Most hated of the competition,
Won the HoH challenge and was
Almost immediately favored by
The gods.

Venita started coming his way,
And gave him a morale boost
From when Esther rejected him;
And in the process, Omashola
Became sad, jealous, and angry.

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The new housemates as a whole
Started giving themselves legit
Strategy, with Elo in particular
Looking to be the sexy guy
Tuoyo was not.

Meanwhile, Khafi and Gedoni
Had started fucking themselves,
And it was looking obvious that
None of them would go far in
The show.

Their eviction was only a matter
Of when, not if.

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