What misinformation has spread in Africa?



More than 40 African countries have reported corona virus cases.

African countries are experiencing a rise in the number of new corona virus cases, and many governments are now enforcing strict social distancing measures.

As they prepare for a surge in cases, misleading information has been spreading throughout the continent.

1. Vaccines aren’t being tested on Africans

There are widely shared social media posts claiming that African people are to be used as guinea pigs to test corona virus vaccine.

However, such claims are false there is no vaccine for Covid-19 and only a number of clinical trials are taking place.

None of them currently in African countries.

We’re not sure where these claims originate from.

But they tend to focus on how African people will be given the vaccine.

To test it’s safe for use in Western nations.

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A vaccine could still be 12 to 18 months away One of them includes a YouTube video of a woman speaking in French saying:

“There is now a vaccine to vaccinate ALL Africans but none for Western countries.

So I’m pleading with my African brothers and sisters not to take this vaccine.”

2. Black skin isn’t resistant to Covid-19

There have been persistent suggestions on social media about skin colour and resistance to the illness.

On 13 March the Kenyan health minister dismissed the rumours that “those with black skin cannot get corona virus”.

which is not true, The virus is a respecter of no complexion or skin type, but people with a strong immune stand a better chance against it.

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3. Nigerian preacher fighting corona virus

An evangelical preacher who claims he can cure the virus has also been the subject of disinformation.

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Stories about David Kingleo Elijah, from the Glorious Mount of Possibility Church started spreading online.

After a video of him saying he would move to China to “destroy”.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and shared on other platforms.

“I am going prophetically to destroy corona virus. I am going to China, I want to destroy corona virus,” he says in the video.

A few days later, reports appeared in blogs alleging that he had traveled to China.

But had been admitted to hospital after contracting the virus.

The blogs refer to the pastor under a different name Elija Emeka Chibuke.

The photo used to show him in hospital is actually a photo of Adeshina Adesanya.

A Nigerian actor popularly known as Pastor Ajidara, who died in hospital in 2017.

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