Hidden facts in Football.

For a long time there was no clear distinction between football and rugby.

There were also many discussions concerning the size of the ball, the number of players and the length of a match.

Actually Football has a very long history on its own.

Football was derived from England in the 12th century.

Football has grown to have won the heart of many all around the world.

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So we made a list for you below:

Hidden facts in Football.

1. Nwankwo Kanu panticipated in six [6] different AFCON tournaments, without scoring a single goal.

2. Aaron Sweswe appeared in a match playing the whole of 90 minutes without kicking a ball.

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3. Real Madrid won the UEFA champions league 3 consecutive times.

4. Tottenham Harry kane Scoring over 150 goals without winning any Trophy.

Hidden facts in Football

5. Sadio Mane scored an hat-trick in between two [2] minutes.

6. 1958 Manchester United suffered some terrible losses in the Munich air disaster.

7. Phillip Lahm playing throughout his whole career without getting a single red card.

8. Jesse lingard not attempting a single shot on target for 25 matches in row.

9. Zinedine Zidane played as a footballer without getting caught offside throughout his career.

10. Eric Bailly shot that went outside the stadium.

11.Marc-Vivien Foe died in the middle of the pitch while playing a Confederations Cup semi-final between Cameroon and Colombia.

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12. Hand of God it was possibly made by Diego maradona of Argentina,It was a shocking bit of play from the Argentine.

13. Tottenham has not won the premier league for 58 years now.

14. Ryan Giggs scored over 100 goals in his career but without a single hat-trick.

15.  Lionel Messi scored 91 goals in a single year in his club career at Barcelona.

16 .Sergio Ramos been awarded with 26 yellow cards in 38 matches.

17. Football is now the most played and most watched sport on earth.

18. The first black football player was Arthur Wharton in the 1800s.

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