The hunger and desire to achieve more in his career is possible what’s keeping the Star Boy in the industry for years now, in an interview that emerged with Vanguard Wizkid expressed his aim to achieve more and the impact he wishes to make in his generation.

According to Wizkid “Success is making sure that every African child out there has an opportunity to actually get ahead in life. Success, for me, is touching people’s lives.

There are a whole lot of things happening around the world. There’s poverty around the world. I will definitely like to do more. I don’t think I am successful yet, to be frank.”

When Wizkid was asked how much was the first big deal he bagged he said “ the first money I ever collected was N250,000; I was so excited, I told my partner at that time; ‘Bro, we started this music hustle with nothing, now we are able to make N250,000.”

Speaking on his assessment of the music industry, he said “ I never really thought we would make the hits we are making right now. Things have changed immensely in the last couple of years.”

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