I’m In Love With Lucifer – PaGidi Expressions.

I know what you came for:
The fast hard pretty cool
Heat I’ve long denied you

I don’t think so highly of
Myself, no, I just have to
Reach for your body and
Feel your goose bumps
Rise off your skin.

And then the electric charge
Begins: how fast your heart
Beats, how hard the titties
Point, and how squirt-wet
You are.

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I could tell you want
More, and I was ready
To drill you on a hard

But, from the tip of your
Tongue, I can taste the
Lies secreted in your

And from the scent of your
Body, I can smell the deceit
As they ooze off you, like the
Unseen iceberg that crashed
The Titanic.

I could have sworn that you
Were mine. From far away,
The ray of your beauty blotted
The sun.

But it’s all lies: to think you can
Keep me locked up in darkness
Of your past, and then ask for a
Helping hand.

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When I can give myself self-help.

Baby girl, I’m not some
Dice you can toss and
Roll as you please.

My baby girl, the most
Beautiful liar in the

The lies doesn’t begin at the
Start of our conversation, they
Get noticed from the moment
The facts and exhibits are with

They are seen when evidences
Are covered, chats are erased,
Calls are reduced, and long talks
Get converted to one word.

Speaking briefly, and denying
The whole truth from being

I’m In Love With Lucifer – PaGidi Expressions

“He’s just my friend”, you say,
But I can tell he’s competing
With me on who’s sucking
You up the most.

In love with Lucifer

Oh yeah, the moans are
Always different, and the
Ringtones are never the

When he’s with you, you
Want him to touch the tip;
And when I’m with, you want
Me to go deep.

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To kiss you, to squeeze you,
To grill you, to drill you.


My tongue sticking lavishly
On yours, and our saliva
Secreting into each other’s
Mouth-ways, like the Lokoja

And then, my hand taking a tour
Through your hair, before unlocking
The now loosely strapped lingerie
Above and beneath: sliding softly
Into the cookie.

You’re now breathing heavily.
But, no, it’s not gonna happen.

In love with Lucifer

I was standing erect for
Hours, and you blew the
Job on the spot.

Here’s the truth: if you are
Really interested in me,
Then you get to know
Me truly.

You don’t know me simply
By always blowing the job.

Coz just when you think
I’ll always be cumming
For your lies, you’ll find
Me falling in love with
Another Lucifer.


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