Jackye Engages In Twitter Banter with Omashola – BBNaija Expressions.

In what appeared to be a Simple proverbial tweet That later escalated rather Quickly, Jacyke displayed
Some intellectual madness When she decided to play Savage on Omashola’s tweet.

Jackye Engages In Twitter Banter with Omashola.

It first started with the Warri
King tweeting in the early hours
Of Wednesday morning that:

“Sometimes spoil ur self, no
Be every time you go they
Work like Jackie.”

Believing that the tweet was
Directed to her, Jackye replied
By giving a quick-fire lengthy

“To be the gr8tst u’ve 2keep
Working, innovating & creating
Valuable solutions not wasting
Ur time balling, u’ll end up as a
40years old man with no wealth.”

Whooops! Me sef I felt the pain,
As that went straight below the
Belt, literally hitting Omashola in
His scrotum.

And she wasn’t done talking, she
Added: “PS: u haven’t made since
U left bbn 5% of profit I’ve made
This February on a project.”

And then added some techie
Hash tags alongside.

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Oh well, fans pulled out their
VAR + Machine guns, as they
Began firing on all cylinders.

With most of the shots hitting
Jakcye’s pin-sized breasts.

See for yourself below.

And as if that was not enough,
The AI superstar went on to
Share another tweet in what
Seemed to be a belated damage

The fans couldn’t handle that

Meanwhile, though Omashola is
Yet to say a word on this most
Recent gbas gbos he’s receiving
From Jackye, it appears he wasn’t
Even talking about her in the first
Place, but was only alluding to the
The proverbial Donkey (interpreted
As Jaki in Hausa language), that
Works so hard without finding time
To have fun.

And Jackye the Jackyetian
Didn’t find this funny at all.

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