Jackye the Jackyetian of big brother naija.

Jackyetian!: First of her name;
Software engineer, code deve-
Loper, computer programmer,
Princess of the Anambra clan,
And General Overseer of the
BBNaija International Ministeries.

If you see how she “positioned”
Mike for “greatness and power”
During her prayer session for
Him on his birthday, you would
Think you are watching Living
Faith half hour show.

Apart from that, she seems to be
A strong feminist that’s so tech
Savy that all she dreams about
Is to improve the lot of the AI
In Nigeria, Africa, and the world
At large.

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And beyond that, she also has a
Determination and focus that
Sometimes makes her have
Disgusting opinions about
Certain people.

Like Tacha.

When Ebuka asked her who she
Thought came into the house with
Fetish things, she confidently said:

“Well, I speculated Tacha because
Of the bracelets she has on her
Ankle, and from certain things I’ve
Read and seen, the bracelets has
Certain symbolic things to do
With something being fetish.”

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This was the same person preaching
To Jeff in the first week of the show
About love. The only person to come
Into Biggie’s house with a Bible,
Dissected First Corinthians Thirteen
To Jeff.

Now, she called Tacha a witch.

I’d long seen her as a high class
Boring pussy who’s so selfish
That all she talks about is her
Cheating boyfriend.

And when she’s in the diary room,
She lectures Biggie and the viewers
About her team, and technology,
And coding, and AI.

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Then she goes about asking foolish
Questions from Biggie as a favor.

I’d even been wondering why Biggie
Hasn’t cautioned her, because very
Soon, she fit ask Biggie for nuclear

Jackye the Jackyetian of big brother naija.

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