Lucy’s Head of House reign looking like the worst in the history of Big Brother Naija, PaGidi Expressions.

Okay, straight to the point:

Lucy is killing her game and creating more enemies for herself than she has the mental capacity to handle.

But she doesn’t know it.

At the start of the show and when housemates were sharing stories about themselves,

Lucy came up with this straight-from-the-heart story that was so moving and emotional:

about how she lost her father and mother at a young age and how she had to drop out of school in the 100 level of her University – due to lack of funds.


Fast forward to Week 2 in the house, and the Cross River lady who is currently sitting in the Head of House throne is fast becoming the most hated housemate,

and the one gradually gathering more enemies to herself than she can handle.

All because of house cleaning, house duties, and house chores.

For a matured thirty year old lady who is the second oldest housemate in the house and the oldest female housemate

(who said she can get along with anyone),

I don’t understand how she has suddenly become so silly, annoying, stupid, and unreasonable.

Just within two days of being head of house o!

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This is Big Brother’s house for crying out loud, not your family house,

and ordinary Head of House duty is already making you have enemies to yourself –

with your bossy, complaining, alpha female, and over bearing attitude.

With the housemates now preferring Nengi’s reign to hers.

Only if she has any idea how next week would be once her reign is over and house nomination for eviction begins.

With some housemates going to be evicted on Sunday, may God help her to win the Head of House sit for the second consecutive week in a row.

If not…


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