The argument of Social media has done more harm than Good is one argument that’s endless in our modern day society, the rate of cyber crime and pornography Various Social media applications only seems to be on the rising side in Nigeria and around the world.

Nigerian singer Simisola Ogunleye Popularly known as SIMI has complained bitterly about the amount of times she sees adult content pop up on her Timeline especially on Twitter. The singer said it’s very annoying and sometimes embarrassing when it happens and she’s in public.

The singer who recently wedded fellow Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold went on to advice Twitter to do something about it because it’s really turning her off their social app.

Simi tweeted:

@Twitter there’s freaking porn everywhere on ur app. Stuff we’re not looking for. One is just randomly scrolling and boom. Some kids have phones. Sometimes, one is in public and it’s embarrassing. It’s turning me off this damn app. You need to get ya shit together,”

Simi also said she’s blocking anyone that Retweet Nonsense or porn to her Timeline

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This sparked some reaction from her fans on twitter , Reaction Below:

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