Presh Talker Responds To David’s Kisses On Live TV – PaGidi Expressions

So I finally settled with Channel 198
On DStvNg tonight, and I began falling
In love with Ultimate Love NG reality
TV show.

But yes, it took me a great deal and
Time to get here, because I was first
Disappointed by the fact that BBNaija
Wasn’t going to be showing again.

Or the fact that there was a perceived

Plot to replace ‘my favorite reality TV
Show’ with something they believed
Would be a progress from the wedding
Ceremony of bam Bam and Teddy A.

And, it did take me a great deal of
Time to be here, and I struggled to
Find anything meaningful in a show
That didn’t have Ebuka as the host,
Or the favorite BBNaija theme song
Playing in the background.

Well, I’ve also got to agree that the
Bitterness and hatred still flowing
Out of the (now long ago) concluded
Season 3 of BBNaija has been so toxic
That there wasn’t a chance anyone was
Going to remain sane if that madness
Continued for way too long.

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So, I had to come to terms with the
Reality that we all needed a break!

And what else could have given us
A better break than a reality TV show
That has 16 strangers of equal opposite
Sex squaring it out to find love in a love
Pad within the space of 12 weeks.

Presh Talker Responds To David’s Kisses

And that’s even if they escape
Being evicted before then.

Interesting right?

So I finally settled with Channel 198
On DStvNg last night, and began falling
In love with Ultimate Love NG reality
TV show.

Presh Talker and David

Presh Talker and David are giving me
Intellectual relationship-argument goals,

And that Unilag babe in her final year is
Beginning to “fall in love” with the bearded
Dude she has been paired with.

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I later got there name to be
Jerry and Sylvia.

But for now, I’m more intrigued by
Love story playing out between
Presh Talker and David.

The unimaginable capacity of Presh’s
Mind/mentality/mindset and the sheer
Check-mate faced by David’s strategy
Is blowing my mind.

The more David apologized to her by
Saying “I’m sorry”, the more she kept
Saying “I’m not angry, I’m just sorry
For you”.

And you know, whenever a girl tells
You (as a guy) such, you should run
For your life, and even look for the
Nearest river to wash your head and
Appease the gods.

What even happened?

David professed his love intentions
To Presh, then went behind her to
Kiss Rosie twice on live tv.

David kissing Rosie after saying he loves Presh

And Presh didn’t know, she had to
Hear it from the other housemates.


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