Tacha Appoints Teebillz As New Manager.

If we ever for once thought
Tacha’s pepper ended with
Her disqualification from the
Big Brother’s house, we would
Be shamed to think so;

as the ‘No Leave, No Transfer’ Queen
Has dished us with another
Stew from Tiwa’s old pot.


Oh yeah, the ex husband to
Africa’s biggest Female artist
Was recently announced by
Tacha as her new manager.

As usual, the announcement
Was made via her symply_tacha
Instagram handle – which by
The way has now hit over eight
Hundred thousand followers.


However, the biggest shock
Was the event that took place
Before the announcement.

Prior to securing the deal with
Her new manager, Tacha deleted
Every picture, video, and what not
Previously posted on her Instagram.

I mean, she wiped the entire room
Clean of anything that could be
Perceived as her body odour,
And uploaded a picture with
The caption “New management

Let’s not forget that since her
Eighty ninth day exit from the
Big Brother’s house, Tacha has
Been trending on the social
Media over one problematic
Wahala or the other.

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Such as the perceived rift with
Jaruma Empire, the audio money
From the yeye Mr. P, the alleged
Disappearance of the gofundme
Account opened in her name,
Amongst others.

It’s only safe to say she’s seeking
A way to moving on from her past
And getting on fine with her life.

Congratulations girl! ❤

This is the Post-BBNaija Expressions,
Of The BBNaija Expressions series.

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