The New Economy Booster Program 2020 for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs in Ghana & Nigeria Via Afrokonnect.

The New Economy Booster Program 2020 for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs in Ghana & Nigeria

More so, the New Economy Booster is designed to support impact-driven entrepreneurs with both advanced and early-stage ventures, startups, non-profit organizations or initiatives based in Ghana and Nigeria that are contributing to the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

We want to boost solutions or ventures in sectors that have been affected by COVID-19,

particularly those that are at risk of or have experienced job losses.

In our seven-month tailor-made online program, successful candidates will get a range of customized content

and resources to develop and grow their business and network while being guided by a team of local and global experts.


Impact-driven entrepreneurs with both advanced and early-stage ventures, high-potential startups, non-profit organizations and initiatives based in Ghana or Nigeria that:

  • Identify key economic recovery challenges and opportunities in their local community
  • Have the potential to generate a great social or environmental impact
  • Are preventing job loss or generating new employment opportunities in industries that are suffering or are at risk of suffering
  • scalable and are making some revenue or are projected to make some revenue in the near future
  • Are already in the market or ready to go-to-market

Those selected to be part of the New Economy Booster will get a chance to:

  • Get business coaching
  • Receive senior expert advisory and consulting services
  • Meet potential investors and have facilitated introductions to fundraising opportunities
  • Access personal development and technical skills training
  • Get peer support from other participants
  • Access partnership building opportunities

Have an expert in residence helping the project develop

New Economy Booster Program 2020 Criteria

  • Impact – The potential recovery of the Post-COVID-19 economy in Ghana and/or Nigeria
  • Scalability – The proposed solution has the potential to create local employment opportunities
  • Feasibility – The proposed solution is technically and economically feasible
  • Team – Commitment of the project team to follow through and collaborate

New Economy Booster Program 2020 PHASES

Phase 1: Application | 1-month

We will source 500 innovative solutions, 250 per country, that address the challenges we have identified.

All 500 will receive: Access to our online global community via our Global Connect Membership.

Phase 2: Incubation | 2 months

We will select the top 100 ventures, 50 per country to incubate.

All 100 will receive: 5 hours of coaching, access to resources and connections

Phase 3: Acceleration | 4 months

We will select the top 30 ventures, 15 per country to accelerate.

All 30 will receive: Project management and coordination guidance, a tailored diagnostic and development plan and access to a support network to help grow your business.

The program stages will run to a non-linear schedule starting on August 17th 2020 and running until February 2021.

We want to focus on projects that are addressing challenges in the following industries:

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GHANA – Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Manufacturing.


NIGERIA – Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Creative and Culture, Trade


For more Information: Visit the webpage for The New Economy Booster Program 2020 for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs in Ghana & Nigeria

New Economy Booster Program

Deadline: October 9th or after the first 500 submissions (250 per country).

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