Uche Angrily Walks Out On Ultimate Love Reality TV Show, Gradually Turning To ‘Ultimate Shambles’, Part 2 – PaGidi Expressions.

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Ultimate Love saga? Then
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The BBNaija edition was supposed to
Be a replica of the defunct BBA franchise,
With only Nigerian contestants going into
Biggie’s house.

The first season, which was said to have
Been held in 2006, produced the likes of
Gideon Okeke (who later became a star on
The Tinsel show), and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
(Who went on to become the host of BBNaija
From season two in 2017).

All things were going well until
Season three came when Cee C
Almost tore our hearts with her
Toxic antics on Tobi, only to come
Out of the show and become the
Darling to almost every brand.

Now, they hoped to replicate same in
A new character, Tacha Akide, during
The Pepper Dem edition, only for the
Asbestos of BBNaija to almost catch fire.

As Tacha was ready to burn everything
Along her path, after being controversially
Disqualified from the show (to give room
For the eventual winner to win), in what
Has still not gone down well with a large
Section of the fans.

And is still responsible for the Titans
And Mercenaries social media war
We have been experiencing for more
Than five months now.

Such hostility!

But this was the content the producers
Wanted to see, and they were okay with
It, because it was bringing in the dollars
For them.

You only need to imagine how much
Money is being gained for a show to
Comfortably doll out 25 million, 45
Million, and 60 million on yearly basis
To the winners of 2017, 2018, and 2019
Winners respectively.

Uche Ultimate Love

However, no one ever expected that
A BBNaija show could produce a real
Wedding, as we all witnessed how
Teddy A and Bam Bam exchanged
Vows in Dubai, after finding love in
The same edition that gave us a
Cee C and Tobi double wahala.

Seeing it to be fun to the audience,
Multichoice now decided to create
A show out of it, by giving us a new
Show, and named it ‘Ultimate Love’.

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Where eight male and female strangers
Will be in the Love Pad for 12 weeks, get
Paired, carryout task, and fall in love.

And the winning couple walking away
With five million naira and a furnished
House with a sponsored wedding in a
La vida loca style.

Once the winners
Agree to get married.

The Love Pad

Hmmm! Such a game plan!

Now, with the pairing process looking
Like a X and O game that’s favouring
Some love guests and bringing ridicule
To some others all hell began to break

This happened when Uche angrily
Left the Love Pad after struggling
To find love with the Chris that he
Was paired with.

Like, how on earth do you start a
Show with 16 contestants that have
Bonded well with your rules and plans,
And then bring in four people out of

To do what?

Has the game of love suddenly
Become a place where human
Emotions are being toyed with
Coz of the gains the producers
Will make out of it???

Uche (male, 28) was paired with Chris
(Female, 35), as they were expected to
Find Ultimate Love under the guidance
Of a relationship counselor simply
Referred to as ‘Aunty’.

Uche Ultimate Love

Chris and Uche

After the Live show on Sunday night
That did the pairing, Uche, who was
Visibly frustrated by the outcome of
His love pair, expressed his hatred
And displeasure towards Chris and
The entire process..

Aunty told the angry and vibrating
Uche to think about his actions and
Intending decisions, promising him
That she would relay his frustration
To the producer of the show.

Only for the dude to surprisingly
Walk out of the Love Pad. All by

He was one of the four additional
Housemates brought into the Pad.

Now, with the number of love guests
Now dropped to 19, 10 females and
9 males, only heavens know what
Next the producers will come up
With concerning Chris.

Chris has been exempted from photoshoot because her paired partner, Uche, has left the show.

Hopefully, we don’t experience
A threesome soon.


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